Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Break DIY Bathing Suit Cover-up

Despite what the latest cold front to hit Gainesville might lead you to believe, spring break is right around the corner. Dust off your bikinis and flip-flops because we have less than two weeks to be beach-ready! 

You’ve already purchased your latest VS PINK bathing suit and beach bag, so the only thing you’re missing is a cute cover-up to go along with it. Get some of your girls together and DIY using this tutorial from the blog Adventures of a Middle Sister.

  • 1 T-shirt at least one size bigger than you usually wear 
  • Needle and thread in a similar color

Step 1: Lay your shirt flat. Cut the sleeves off about ¼ inch below the underarm seam. Save them for later!

Step 2: Flip your shirt to the back and make the sleeve holes bigger only on the back side (this makes your shirt more of a racerback).
Step 3: Flip the shirt back to the front and cut the entire collar off about an inch lower than the seam. You may end up cutting more off depending on how low you want the front to be.

Step 4: On the back, cut a straight, horizontal line below the collar completely through the racerback, but don’t panic! Cut the bottom part into three strips that line up with the bottom of the cuts you made from the sleeves.

Step 5: Tug the strips to make them a bit longer and braid up to the top. Sew them together so the braid doesn’t come undone.

Step 6: Sew the braid to the center of the back of your collar. Cut a piece from one of the leftover sleeves and use it to tie around where the braid meets the collar. Make sure you sew it in place.
So in one afternoon you can take an oversized shirt and make it into a super cute cover-up perfect for the pool or the beach! Layer it over your best bikini, grab some sunscreen and have a perfectly PINK spring break!

PINK love,
Alexa Gedigian, Street Team Member


  1. I think you look HORRIBLE in that!

    1. Came across this on pinterest. Cute cover up. And this person above obviously knows you personally and feels the need to cowardly attack you anonymously through a blog. Must be 13. Good job on the cover up though! Will be trying this!